Okay, so, this node is for all those weeping their guts out for being mistreated, dumped, cheated, et caetera, et caetera...

Here's a list of the things YOU are and make you UNIQUE and beyond the level of appreciation you've received until now .

(Hypothetically supposing :) if anybody wishes to add further reasons, feel free to /msg me.

You know tons of stuff and precious information, but somehow that's rather irrelevant and useless.

Like who cares about what books you've read lately, the Football Game / Fashion Show is just about to start...Please, have some consideration here...

Do you know more than one foreign language?

So What ! It's dead anyway, and nobody understands it. Except for you and some puny, far away country known only for wine, cheese and BB.

Whenever you get the chance to help, whether there's others or just your significant other, you completely dedicate yourself - body and soul . On the other hand, when it comes to 'negligible' things like, let's say: your B'day, arriving to a rendezvous or exams' results, you perpetually get :

  • 'oooops...forgotten'
  • 'totally overslipped my mind'
  • 'I dunno what's been going on with myself lately. I'm soooo, terribly, sorry...'

Let's not forget that when it comes to others' qualities, they're always, but always, waaaay better than yours.

You could notice from a plane caught in a fog cloud a change made by your significant other. Nevertheless, when it comes to you, or your newest change, you suddenly get the sensation of becoming the Invisible Man.

Incredible Super-Power, isn't it?! Betcha you had NO IDEA you were so gifted...

Everybody else gets complimented on the weirdest things, as for you...Even rolling over 3 times and morphing into a butterfly wouldn't earn you a kind word...

My! Compliments are very expensive these days, in case you hadn't noticed.

Moving forward to the Chapter Work&Physiological Needs, we come to find out that working your butt off all week finishing all projects, you may never, under NO circumstances, verbally express these 3 (three) words :

' I am tired.'

For who knows? Maybe Hells' Gates could come loose...

You seem to be rejoicing a flourishing health state. I bet, you've never, ever had a migraine ! You lucky dog ! That's why you must comprehend when others have health issues and act like little tyrants.

Do you, by any chance, play an instrument? Oh, and quite pleasant for the ears too?

So what ! Betcha ' one of my friends ' marvelously masters the art of guitar playing...

Even if it's just one song, it sounds off - key and lousy...Seriously, NOT even Mozart compares to 'one of my friends'!

Since we're at the Musical Chapter, you know that you possess great taste in music and listen to great picks. Sometimes you even discover enchanting tracks or bands.

To YOU, Maybe, Pal !!! Your gifted taste doesn't stand a chance against The Pussy*** Do**s' last hit-single ! (Really now, do they even SING ?!?)

Oh, and let's not forget that if, for example, you were to have a heart attack ( God Forbid and Prevent !), you'd have to tell your heart to wait, because your significant other, constantly and invariably, has some very important business to take care of. The nature of this business is unknown, however, it's greatly and extremely important.

Now, you must be reasonable, for God's sake! When are you going to stop being so selfish, and start thinking about others' needs, for a change ? You have to understand that life has its own priorities and that on your significant other's list, 1st priorities get swapped with last. (If you still don't get it, let me simplify : You come LAST. Period.)

Feeling down? Craving for a litttle hug? You would settle for just a smile and a comforting look, right?

C'mon ! What does it take for you to understand that people don't like to be emotionally oppressed? Geez, give people some space, will you?!

So, you've had your fun now, but I've ran out of TOP reasons and you're not feeling like new, because it's just a list, it's not your X...

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