it's the miserable itchy horrid feeling
as you realize these are lice
in your scalp sucking blood family
that say they love you and are nice

and you protest saying this is not
nice to ride me, bite me, draw blood
and the family says you must behave
until you do we hold you in the mud

a group holds you down with whispers
behind your back indirect and don't admit
their thoughts you slowly realize adult
that you do not have to stay in this pit

and while they are occupied with life
and spouse and brainwashing all around
you dig a tunnel through the dirt and muck
and shit and lies
deep underground

you ask once more if they are sure
that love to them means keeping you far down
"Yes!" they cry "Behave!" they cry
and you leave quietly through the tunnel underground

emerging far away in a field with bees
spring flowers robins chirping birds
and the misery drops away
no words

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