DOS is an abbreviation for the original Disk Operating System from IBM that ran on the IBM 360, as well as for any disk operating system.


DoS is an abbreviation for Denial of Service, a form of attack on a computer system or network.

See: denial of service attack
Democratic Opposition of Serbia
A political coalition formed in opposition of Slobodan Milosevic. Presidential candidate Vojislav Kostunica rallied 48% of the vote over the September 22-24 election weekend, while current president Slobodan Milosevic carried only 40%. Rather than declaring Kostunica the winner, Yugoslavia’s Milosevic influenced State Election Commission announced a run-off to be held on October 8, 2000.
The United States and the major European powers have issued statements urging Milosevic to accept the DOS victory and step down after nearly 13 years in power.

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Dos (Spanish word for "two") was the name of the all-bass duo of Mike Watt and then wife Kira Roessler. They put out an album of instrumentals followed by an EP of six tracks, with Kira on vocals.

The goal, of course, was to put the bass front and center. From Mike's interview with StarPolish:

With us, with Dos (Watt's double-bass band with Kira), it was always a side project. It wasn't that hard, it was very creative, not a lot of pressure. Dos was about victory. With bass playing, especially in the older days, there were big inferiority complexes. You know, bass is where they put the lame guy, like right field in the little league. And so Dos for us is like victory. We did not have to compete with anyone, 'cause we were the only thing.

The self-titled first album came out in 1986 to good reviews. Every track but one is instrumental, with most tracks featured one bass playing the main riff, the other soloing or adding an interlocking line. Trouser Press described it thusly: "... two basses sniffing around one another like curious animals, making it an atmospheric, playful, even loving pleasure to hear." Mike and Kira had both been in fIREHOSE, and some of the composing on Dos reflects that band's sound.

The 1989 EP, Numero Dos was less ambitious, featuring vocals on five of six tracks. Two songs are covers: Billie Holliday's "Don't Explain" and Sonic Youth's "Pacific Coast Highway." Fewer bass tricks and less of a low-end emphasis make for a less interesting sound here.

All of Dos' output to date was made available on the Uno Con Dos CD, released in 1991 by New Alliance Records. It's out of print. A third Dos album, titled Justamente Tres, came out in 1996.

DOS also stands for density of states, a physics term referring to how many incarnations of a particular energy state exist in some system. Particularly in quantum mechanics.

"Dos" is a not-so-common slang term used to describe the religious people of Israel, often used by the non religious public. This word is quite popular in the Kibbutz, where the public is overall against religious government.
Plural: "Dossim"

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