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quick summery: ive been discribes as a combination of a hippie, a republican, an anarchist, and a baby seal clubber.

i support : marijuana decrimanalization going green, anti capatlism, abortions, hunting, gay marrage, and most inporantly a level V zombie infestation (zombie apocolyce)

i come from a family of military hunters with a nack for driving with one hand and drinking a beer with the other.
I would like to become a specailist in designing miltary weapons for both infantry and elite soldiers and/or Play a key role in decrimalizing marijuana in the unitedstates.

Im sorry people but i have horrible spelling and gramer but i am working on it.

Take all things i say with a grain of salt because i do test people to see if they will fall in line with something just because they are told so. Always investigate things.

I know there are already issues with this, incompleate spelling capatalistion and so on but its lmost 3 AM here and ill finish this soon