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so, i wonder some things.

  • why do geeks get snobby online, when they're meek in real life??
  • why does the black guy in my office talk in a different accent to black folk than he does to white folk?
  • for that matter, same with the indian guy. why does he do that?
  • what do unemployed people who survive on welfare think about the welfare system?
  • why might people be pissed off by me asking these questions??
  • what's the country turning into if the only people who can own guns are the police??
  • how is a fetus 100% the property of a woman?? doesn't it require sperm to be conceived?
  • why should someone get a job, or into a university, just because of their skin color?
am i the only person that finds these things confusing??

i'm living (almost) migraine-free lately due to the following drugs:

People think that I am chingable on these subjects:


<-- I wrote a memoir once and spent an entire summer cataloguing my every thought, and now I am just tired of explaining myself to people. I usually live in Ann Arbor, dislike calculus, and enjoy just about everything else. My eyes are blue and my shoe size is 11.5. I watch pokemon every morning and am almost an IT Professional. -->

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