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My new job since July 20, 2000 does not allow me much time to semi-automatically node the EBU Snapshot as I used to in the previous job. The new job do have the perks of me having direct access to IBM S80, Sun E10K, Linux and Win NT servers. But it'll take a while for me to get an autonoding Perl script for EBU Snapshot on one of them ...

So, the Everything's Best Users Snapshot is on hold for now, with the last post on July 26, 2000. If anyone ask, I'll put my XLS spreadsheet for the EBU Snapshot on my, sabre23t, website.


Yes, this telemedicine field is quite interesting as I goes deeper into LHP, CME and MCPHIE aspect of it ...

I'm so ashamed of what time it is right now, I'm not even going to say

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I spoke to my roommate today. He went ahead of me to Vancouver, where I'm moving in a week. He saw our apartment today for the first time - we rented it over the phone. He hates it. He didn't come right out and say it, but I could tell. He told me

"It's on a gorgeous street of houses, but it sticks out as the ugly one."
"I can't stand up in my room."
"It's really... retro. Bad retro."
"The skylights are covered in bird-poop and so is the balcony."
"I can get us a place that's two hundred dollars cheaper and about four hundred square feet bigger."


He's the one who convinced me we should just rent from a distance and send my aunt to go check out apartments for us. He wanted to sign a year lease, for Chrissake! Luckily we didn't... but we did tell the landlord we'd stay for the two semesters of school. At least I'm expecting it to be a dump, and I know it won't be as bad as I'm invisioning. My roommate idealized the place more than I did.

Drove to a friends house tonight. Just a few people there. I drove a friend home - we drank coffee at her house and had a good ol' fashioned girly talk. She's off to Michigan... well, I guess it would be this morning.

It feels like people are opening up to me more lately. Maybe its because they know I'm leaving?

I have a whole week before I leave, with no work. God, it'll be great. I plan to sunbathe nude and eat grapes. I don't have much else to do - I'm already pretty much packed, due to misjudged neurotic preparedness. I'm taking my little brother to the Science Center this week though - really just an excuse to go there myself. Absolutely my favorite place to go as far as attractions go. Well... I think it's tied with the zoo.

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9:50 BST

I tried to stay up late last night to watch Silent Running, but fell asleep on the sofa. I must have slept for maybe an hour, but it was such an awkward position that I'm feeling terrible this morning.

I'm despairing at ever finding a good Linux job. All the systems administration jobs around want MCSE qualifications and I don't even have a degree. You'd think that there would be at least a few jobs for an assistant systems administrator looking to expand his Unix knowledge in an open source friendly environment.

But no. Everyone wants NT, and those that mention Linux are referring to a beat up old pentium 90 that is handling the mail.

It would seem
that I am doomed
to stay forever
within an apathetic

11:00 BST

Decided to cheer myself up by shamelessly stealing fondue's mtv2 idea and making an hour long playlist for mtv2. If I get accepted, I'll post the list and the playout time in a day log.

17:00 BST

"All I want in life's a little bit of love to take the pain away"

Last night was a bit traumatic. Just as I was getting ready to go to bed J comes down in a panic. What if it's made of asbestos?. She's talking about the flue for our old gas hot water heater. This is going to be removed when we get our new water heater on wednesday. Obviously, the flue is made of something fire retardant. Oh! God! Anyhow, even though there wasn't a lot we could do about it just then, we still talked it around for a while, getting more and more tired and dispirited.

This morning I wrote myself a little python script to give me a preview of my writeups before I hit the sumbit button. I got fed up with discovering half my writeup was in bold superscript after I submitted it because of my chronic inability to close tags. The version I have does the job but now I'm at that stage you always get to when you write something. You start to think about cool extra features that you don't really need. Right now I wondering if I should make the links in the html that my script produces actually be followable into everything. So that way you could also test the links in the preview as well as checking what it looks like as html. Do me a favour, /msg me and tell me I don't need to do this!

I am incorrigible! The feature is added but I'm going to take a firm line with any further creeping featuritis. I noded it in that sumbit sinking feeling.

Just watched the video of Silent Running I made last night. It's an amazingly downbeat film. Think about it, the main character kills his crewmates and in the end commits suicide.You can't imagine that in a modern Hollywood movie. Very interesting film, but I'm not too sure about the Joan Baez soundtrack.

Got an interesting email from my brother about God's algorithm for the megaminx. He is trying to adapt an idea of Thistlethwaite that works for the cube to this case. This involves finding a suitable subgroup chain in the group of the megamix which has order roughly 2x10^68. Eek!

Yesterday, Tomorrow

My last day log got +10. I found that a bit strange, I think it's my second best node by rep now. Guess it was because of the semi-promise of "you will never see me again". Well, sorry to disappoint you, I'm back. I'm not sure which day this daylog should really point to; it's really july 29 of finnish time still to me; I haven't slept in 24 hours as of writing this, nor do I intend to sleep for another 10 or so hours. It's strange how fast being tired can get to you; I'm feeling a bit dizzy, my movements are a bit uncontrollable and I find it almost impossible to focus to television or books. Is this what it is like to be drunk? I'll have to try one day. I think I'll go drink coke now. They say it makes it easier to stay up.

maan, I never realized how fun these day logs can be, you can ramble whatever crosses your mind and nobody will hit you with a herring and nuke your node!

My son is sick. He may have Chicken Pox, but I don't think so. I was a Corpsman, so I know what Chicken Pox looks like, and that ain't them. Of course I have never seen it on a 11 month old baby before either.

Wife and daughter went to go see great-grandma at great-grandma's Assisted living facility. I wasn't going to go anyway, but now I am stuck with a sick baby and no car. I was going to walk up to the local blockbuster and get a Playstation game or a DVD, but that looks unlikely now.

Sunday afternoon sex looks equally unlikely, since half the parties are away for the afternoon. This evening, perhaps.

My wife has been pregnant twice. She gained weight, as is natural, but not so much that she became unnatractive to me. She has always been very self conscious about it, just like most women in America today. I found a picture of her from the last time she was pregnant, about 15 months ago. In it she was a lot heavier than she is now. It made me think about how hard she works to stay in shape. She runs, lifts weights, does aerobics. All this so she looks better for me.
I don't deserve my wife.

Ceaser salad, mesquite smoked New York Strip Steaks, steamed rice, and maybe green beans with some italian dressing. Dessert of strawberries, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and angel food cake.

Hey all this is the first day log I've thrown down in a while. I got my cable modem in (finally), and I now have home based Internet access -- even if I am comin' out da slums of The Network.

I got to say to Dizzy -- just get you's a sysadmin job doing NT at a company where you run the computers (i.e. not IBM, but Mom's House of Jello) then slowly move them to Linux. I've done that at my last two gigs, and I'm starting on it for my new company. Since I got there the firewall, the VPN, and three of our client's webhosted machines have gone to the Penguin. You can do it man!

Kaatnuut -- yes you have a good buzz going. My suggestion drink several more of whatever made you feel that way, and then vomit. That's what being drunk is like.

And finally Noether -- tell her taking out the aesbestos would expose you all to more aesbestos dust (the dangerous part) than leaving it there. I'd leave the house on Wednesday;)

Since I last wrote, I've scored a new apartment. I had two dates in three weeks (as opposed to 0 in several months) -- one with a stripper I met at a club (yeah that'll ever happen again:( One with a girl I chatted with online before I moved down here. Neither was real great as a date (probably my fault), but I'll probably see ICQ girl again. Come to think of it I'll probably see the stripper again -- I'll just have to pay a cover.

The new job is going well. I had to become work's pr0n nazi, but you shouldn't need to surf porn during the day -- while work is paying you.

They did end up firing old boy that was surfing pr0n though. Not specifically for that, but that was the final straw. He was the kind of programmer that would blame a glitch in his C++ code on "a bug in MFC". To which, my very straight-laced boss supposedly replied, "Well, Will call Bill and get the source so we can correct it." Apparently if you're a C++ programmer that exchange is hilarious.

They've got me brushing up on my Perl skills at work as well. That's promising... I think.

OH HELL!!! They gave me AS/400 to play with as well. It's this cute piece of IBM big iron running the incredibly silly OS/400. It's enough to make me long for the pain of AIX. We're also buying some piece of Sun hardware also. What do people know about Sun OS 5.6? Supposedly though Solaris will do the same trick in a 'NIX based environment. I will be pushing for that.

I was having a really bizarre dream when my alarm clock rang to usher me into my work reality mode. It seems Elvis Presley (the younger version) was a barber in Kansas City circa 1950s and he wasn't a good one. Several old men ambling through the dreamscape informed me Elvis sucked at cutting hair. I think I need to stop drinking after work to avoid another Elvis dream.

The workload was meager enough that I could glomm through the fantasy football magazines and get an idea who I want in my upcoming live draft. I ordered a 412 piece truck. {"pieces" are grocery night crew parlance for cases of what have you -- Enfamil, Clamato, and Pinto Beans are sure bets here} By most standards, that'll make for an easy Monday night when the semi arrives brimmed with our goodies.

Doing my little gig in a big store alone for hours is in many ways odd. I always turn down the country muzak to avoid additional insanity. Occasionally my crew of two and I will stock to the beats of Dre or Godsmack at decibel levels certainly not conducive to aural health. I always ixnay Korn though as it makes me wonder how something so unmitigatingly hideous can be popular. KIDS!

I left early after talking to the produce guy, Wayne, for a bit. He's always full of hilarity, rants, rumour, innuendo, and vinegar so I assure you Wayne is okay.

I stuck a quarter into the air machine at the convenience store on the way home as my front left tire can last about two days on a hit of air. I don't think I'll bother getting it fixed because I just don't care. As long as the thrice-weekly airings works, it's all good.

Of course I got online as soon as I got home to tend to my fantasy baseball team, the East St. Louis Crack-prone Sex Force. And I came here; to see one of my offspring had gained an XP overnight. 'Twas no e-mail again from my fiancee Marina, a truly enchanting and dear, gentle soul from the wilds of far Eastern Russia. Probably Kamchatka is under another state-mandated power outtage. Or maybe she is just sleeping with her ex and too tired to write. *bites lip* Nahhhh....

Uh-oh, I am drinking beer again. I wonder what Elvis will do tonight.

Success! Managed to sleep for almost 8 hours! of course it took staying up until 3 to even get sleepy, plus hours of fiddling, tweaking and perusing boring stuff to generate apathy enough to sleep. But it worked!

feeling rested. And Seattle is sunny and fresh today.

My cousin is in town, she's a cop up in Vancouver, BC, much to my rather deviant confusion. I spoke with her on the phone last night and after hearing how tired I was, suggested "smokin' some drugs". Now exactly how is a guy to react to that? Next thing she will be recommending I "Get yourself a piece of ass" or something, and will be able to tell me where, and what the going rate is. I think I am lucky, but I am confused. I thought cops weren't allowed to recommend such things. But she's a Cannuk Cop, formerly from New Zealand (we lived together in the Solomon Islands) - obviously they are a little more liberated.

So off to sand and paint my friends huge italian boat, then some cop beer/dinner, then drive my friend to the airport, then back to the code.

god it feels good to be rested.

Today, at the computer fair in Liverpool University Guild of Students' Mountford Hall, I purchased two items.
The first (and more expensive) was a nVIDIA TNT2 32MB AGP graphics card, since my S3 Virge DX was starting to get annoyingly slow, and (more to the point) won't run Elite Force. So far, however, I have not been able to get this to work properly (or indeed, at all). I think that I may have to take it back.
The second item was a 4x3 inch Genius graphics tablet. This functions more successfully, and is quite cool, especially on mouse games.

There will be an update on the video card situation in tomorrow's daylog.

Zulu One out.

Been a day when I called my friend to say "Happy Birthday" at 1 pm, because I woke up that late. Been a day when electricity again went out for more than 3 hours. Been a day when I have to go to meet friends the next day and still awake till 1.45 am on the next day.

Another wasted day. That's what it feels like. All week I had been looking forward to the weekend and now that it's come I am wishing for the week. I am wishing to be back in that crappy office with my irritating co-workers. Go figure. I had planned to do so many things this weekend. I would do them alone, I told myself. But in reality there's now little motivation to go do them. It's not that great to do things alone, especially when they're things that aren't meant to be done alone. I can walk alone. I just don't want to.

Is that so bad? No, it isn't. I'm human for everything's sake.

At least I got some reading done. Not much studying done, but I don't feel so bad about that. I realized something the other day, though. I used to bitch and moan about not having any friends, totally boggled on why I had no friends. It's amazing I never saw it before, why the answer has never crept into my mind. I have no friends because I have never been a friend. Sheesh, how could I have not even realized that? I feel like I've been so blind to everything around me because I've been so self involved. No wonder I've been standing in the same place for years, not moving.

So, I've been trying to be a friend to those who have in the past been friends to me but who I got angry with for various stupid reasons. And it makes me happy. It's a more healthy kind of selfish.

sunday afternoon

it was a gorgeous day until suddenly the sky opened up and a downpour erupted unexpectedly. unfortunately this occured while i was riding my bike. but now i have an excuse to sit inside and accomplish household stuff.

at some point this weekend, i became level 7.

tuesday my man comes home. i can't wait.

big thunder

but i don't mind. it suits my mood.
Here's a not so quick and dirty version of my weekend recap:


Acting on the tip I was given at one of the graduation parties I went to the previous weekend, I called up Jen (earlier in the week) and set myself up for a date on Friday. We were to see Nutty Professor 2, the 9:55 show. I didn't know her all too well, but I'm of the opinion that I'll always give someone a chance. I know how it feels when you like someone and they refuse to give you a chance so in response I'll always give a girl a chance. Tonight, I obviously shouldn't have. On the ride there I was in high spirits, but that wasn't going to last. She got angry at the person who pulled out in front of me (he had plenty of time) and told me how pedestrians at the theater parking lots pissed her off ("they're not invincible dammit, why do they act like they are?").
I tried talking to her and joking a lot, but obviously she wasn't diggin' my sense of humor.about half an hour into the movie I joked about finally get the armrest to myself (she was jokingly nudging my arm off during the movie). She gave me a glare and told me I was "a goofy kid," in the thats-not-a-good-thing tone of voice. So I figured I ought to just shut up. After the movie she noticed this and asked why I was suddenly quiet, I lied and told her I was just tired. I wanted ice cream to try and cheer me up so I gave her the chocie of restaurants. She chose Denny's because she wanted mozarella sticks. She again told me of something that pissed her off, one of the girls at the theater had called her friend a skank - but she was wearing clothes that Jen thought to be "skanky", so she was obviously unnerved by the name-calling. At this point I just didn't care.
We arrive at Denny's, she complains it's too cold. I offer my button up shirt (I had a T-shirt on underneath). She refused while she shook and her teeth chattered. I insisted, she still refused. Next my ice cream came first. Doing the polite thing I was going to wait for her food to come. She scolded me to eat, now (as her teeth chattered). So I ate. I really didn't want to talk so I stared into my ice cream as I ate it. I glanced up for a second and she told me I was getting her upset because I was "staring at her" now. The rest of the night was uneventful as I paid and took her home. She wins the title of worst date of my life.


I slept in and then drove to my cottage on Honeoye Lake. One of my cousins had to work a couple hours that night, so she left. Her brother was waiting for a phone call from Nicole to hook himself up with a date. She finally called the cottage, and so he was leaving to see her. Here's the catch. She doesn't trust herself with him. So she needs to have friends around. I was arranged as the requisite third wheel. Luckily she invited her friend (the girl who I actually have a crush on). We were to go to Putt-Putt. We got there and we were all having a good time, when all of a sudden there's his sister. She was gonna go to the local festival but decided to come join us. So now it was Nicole, myself, Jay (the male cousin), Leah (the female cousin), Sarah (the crush), Rick (Leah's boyfriend/friend of mine), Ian (Rick's neighbor/friend), and last but not least, Tiffany (friend of Sarah/Nicole/Leah). Phew. So there were a lot of us. We all played some miniature golf and generally enjoyed ourselves. Afterwards we played some of the games for tickets (I had won tokens for answering a trivia question). I ended up with $7.00 worth of tokens and spread the wealth with everyone. After we were done, I collected up the tickets pooled 'em together and let the kiddies all pick out an equal prize. Nicole really wanted the shiny dog stickers, so we all ended up with shiny dog stickers on our shirts. For reference, I got the blue one.
We went to Friendly's for some grub, and realized that I ahd an empty house and enough people for a party already. So we threw an impromptu party. Most of them had to leave around midnight, unfortunately. I showed off the Moonwalker emulation game on MAME for Sarah (I had told her about it and she'd been bugging me to see it for weeks). It made her night ;P
People drifted in and out, and the alcohol flowed. And the night wore on as we drunkenly played Smash Brothers. Tonight marks the first night I got trashed...


...And this morning is my first official hangover. Massive headache, sick to my stomach and just plain tired. Jay drove us back to the cottage (my car was left there so we'd have to go back). I was able to deceive the parents about the party and consequent hangover. But after sitting a few minutes I finally lost the battle with my stomach sickness and quickly walked to the bathroom, swalling down all the water that was filling my mouth in anticipation of the oncoming nauseous explosion. I threw up the only thing I had had that day - grape Kool Aid.
The day went by slowly as my head hurt and I felt bad. After a bit I practiced guitar for hours with Jay. We're actually getting rather good now. Had soem kielbasa for dinner, packed up, cleaned up, and drove home.

And that was my weekend.
hot. too hot. almost hundred degree plus smog. no wind at all.
went down to shibuya to get some cds. stoppped by a clothing store where my friend works at. went coffee with her. she complained how shitty this city is and i agreed.
i told her i've got a job and she laughed.
she asked me if i'm gonna work as a sex worker and i said no.
i told her that i'm gonna work as a geek. she laughed again.

went home and enjoied the music i've got.

kenta gave me call and told me that kiro is back for summer.
went to monsoon cafe with them to drink.
kiro conviced me to move back to the country 'cause this city sucks.
i know.
he offered a free room in nyc until i get a job up there.
well, i need to get a visa first...
i've got drunk and talked too loud. one yappy came up to me to convey that i'm too noisy.
so, three of us made him shut up.
being kicked out from the place...
drived around to see if something is going on.
went home and thought about moving to kiro's place.
unrealistic but attractive.
Today was great. I feel extremely good right now. Even though i'm having mind games played against me constantly by a certain person I still feel good. I only go along with her head games so she doesn't get sad that they don't work. I can generally tell when she's paranoid or hiding a smile now. It took me awhile but I can once again read facial expressions. She is a good actress but not good enough, yet.

I can't really blame her. I only recently realized that I had been playing mind games against her. I just about died when I figured out what I was doing. To me it just seemed like a bunch of kind gestures, funny comments. Everything was interprted as a mind game and I kept on doing it and didn't realize how it.

I finally got the the point where I can tell my brain how to be. Basically I can't become depressed, bored, lazy unless I want to or i'm sick. I find it to hard to keep on track when i'm ill. Ah well, it's a good day now, my brain shut off enough that I could just laugh today and now as I sit here noding i feel good, my mind is clear and my body relaxed. Pleasent, calm, cool......
Maybe this is really a yesterday log, but ANYWAY. Yesterday, barring some odd glitches, was another very good day. Starrynight, my SO, and I all managed to meet up in the Berkeley BART station, and zip into the city. We did manage to go through both Chinatown and Japantown; buying CDs and pastries (at An-Na's Bakery) at the former, and manga, print club, delicious lunch, and gorgeous stationery at the latter. We had a lot of fun, I think, a fair measure of silliness, and much camaraderie. I knew I missed his Starriness but I didn't realize how much. Anyway, time passed super-quickly, and we returned to BART to go our separate ways. Then I got to spend a couple of hours alone with my SO, which I hadn't been able to do since he finally arrived in the Bay Area. Oh, and we spotted Manga-Manga. Cool. THEN, I found out Starry missed his plane. Oooops...luckily, all's well that ends well. Apparently America West has some good folks.

And right now I am blissing to the sounds of new (to me) Globe. Mmmm... (I thought I had no way to listen to it or my (very disappointing) new Faye Wong, but I forgot that although I don't have speakers with me, I do have headphones I can plug into the CD-ROM drive's jack. Duh.)
This was my 25th birthday. I kept it quiet. A few people remembered anyway, and they seemed surprised that I hadn't organised some sort of celebration.
"Its your quarter-century!" they said ( I wince since this is not what you want to hear during the old quarter-life crisis ) "Why aren't you out with your friends?"

Well heres why...
So lets assume I've decided to organise something - first question: Do I invite her?
No no no and no. I'm not ready for that. I'm not sure I ever will be. I live in fear of running into her on the bus. I couldn't possibly invite her and even pretend to have fun.

Ok so now - Do I invite our mutual friends? These happen to be some of my closest friends ( or at least they were ) but I cant invite them without it being painfully obvious that I haven't invited her. While this may provide me with a small amount of bitter satisfaction, Its not what I really want. Anyway the night would be awkward if her absence was mentioned or even worse avoided from being mentioned at all costs.

So perhaps I can just not invite anyone from that whole group. I could spend the night without some of my closest friends and hope they don't find out about it.. no I don't think I'll bother - I'd rather just get takeout and watch whatever crap movie is on TV.

and so that's what I did
A girl IM'd me on AIM a few weeks ago. After a week or two of smalltalk and picture exchanges, it was evident she had a crush on me. She seemed liked one of those desperate girls who 'talk' me for no apparent reason. I rebuffed every one of her advances and I thought it was pretty clear how I felt. She was very aggressive (even for me), which frankly, was quite scary. After a few days, she introduced me to her "friend" who happened to be visiting her, so we chatted on AIM for a bit. I found it quite odd because her friend was never mentioned to me before (she had mentioned quite a few other friends of hers to me before, and considering this "friend" was one of her best friends who lived right next door, it was odd). I was immediately suspicious that something was going on, but I let it go.

Then the part that really annoyed starts happening. Her "friend" starts macking on me, as aggressively as she did. How odd, I thought, that such a good friend would advance on someone her friend had a crush on. She didn't have her own AIM account, appeared only when her friend did, chatted like her friend, had a hotmail account... well, I was convinced she was completely fictitious. I was still wondering why, however. I resolved to get a confession and an explanation.

In the following days, I tried to trip her up, asking to talk to her on the phone, asking if we could meet in person, and for other solid proofs of existence. None could be offered.

So tonight, I told her I was visiting. Conveniently enough, she had moved clear across the country. Quite a fast move, might I say, impossible. Off to the block list they go. At this point I am debating whether or not to send this girl an email telling her how sick I think she is. If she is even who she says she is.

Today: As the clock rolls over to 12:01AM, I am sitting at my desk, alone in the lab, with maybe 4 other people in the whole factory. Although the plant manager qualified me to act as plant supervisor on weekend skeleton crew shifts, a ranking plant super has decided to stay to run a production line. At 7AM, I give a lift to a fellow I tried to train for the lab tech position 6 or 7 years ago. Home, I pick out some more books to discard, and putter around distractedly, before I crash hard at 2PM.
Yesterday: Wake ~9:30, Grape Nuts & coffee. HMM3: complete the 3rd "Crag Hack" scenario, struggle a bit with scenario 4. Nap, log a freaky dream, more cereal and automated gaming, work up some RQ campaign material. Perfect timing to pick up BK and arrive at work on the dot of 11PM.
D-2: I give my assistant a card and little blank book for her birthday; my boss asks me if I'd like to be the department birthday party coordinator, and I accept.

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