It's true.

The DA's got me dead to rights and I'm going up the river for good, so I may as well spill my guts, you lousy copper.


Yeah, okay. I'm tellin' ya, I'm spillin' my guts, don't rush me. You'll get it all. It was me and Carlo ("The Bunny") Noumena -- they called him "The Bunny", ya know, 'cause he had dis hare lip, dat he got from when "Big Danny" MacAllister -- gimme a glassa watta, okay? Before I start recursin' here. Gino, you know Gino? Yeah, Gino. Gino always told me, "Theo, Ted, Theo ya little fucka', you go recursin' on me I split ya lousy head open, ya hear me?" So I hear him, ya know? I hear him. Gotta have some discipline in da family, gotta have it.


No, I can't tell you Gino's nickname, dat's da point. You want me to start recursin' on ya? Lissen, dat's gonna make for a long night, copper. I got stack space you wouldn't believe, copper. Like nobody in da neighborhood. Gino always said dat, he said "Kid, ya got a lotta stack space. Don't use it."


Sure, yeah, he was a character alright. Poor old Gino.


'79, dat was. Yeah, I remember it. I can tell ya who did it, well I can tell ya what was the word anyway. I wasn't there.


Ya wanna know about Gino, or ya wanna know about the radio star? I can give ya either one but ya gotta make up ya mind. One thing at a time.

..., ...

All right, all right. Ya want what ya want, ain't no problem wit' me. So Gino, they called him "The Scrod", and here's why they called him dat, this happened back in '73 . . .

The remainder of the tape is unintelligible.

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