Abbreviation for Young Adult. Which in the library and bookselling fields means a teenager -- someone who is young but theoretically has adult reading skills. (To the rest of the English-speaking world "young adult" implies being at least 18.)

Arabic call word. Used before making a description of a 2nd person, or calling someone. Usage is as follows: Ya (adjective), or Ya (name).

For example:

  • Ya Allah - oh god
  • Ya ayuni - oh my darling (lit. my eye)
  • Ya nafsi - oh my soul (used for a loved one)
  • Ya ruhi - oh my spirit (used for a loved one)
  • Ya hub - oh my love
  • Ya Gloria, stana shwayeh - oh Gloria, wait a moment!
  • Ya manyak - you maniac
  • Ya ars - you bastard
  • Ya ibn'l sharmuta - you son of a whore
  • Ya ahuy'l sharmuta - you brother of a whore
  • Ya sharmuta - you whore
  • Ya hara - you piece of shit

  • etc...

    Ya (?), adv.





    © Webster 1913.

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