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Trolling. It's all a joke, folks.
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BDSM is the sign of a sick society
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Prelapsarian machine words were four cubits in length; a cubit in this context is a "cubical harmonious four-way binary digit".

Choose Life.

<hodgepodge> Ah, "circular logic." The rallying
cry of the Trotskyites and abortionists. Circular
like the halo around the head of the baby

And the critics go wild:

JerboaKolinowski says [TTP is] A startling evocation of contemporary mores and sensibilities! (and much better than your 'abortion' writeup, which, frankly, I'd nuke).

2001.08.06@06:14 N-Wing says Congratulations. The lowest-rated writeups 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 out of the lowest 10 are all yours.