In the waiting room there are copies of People

Styrofoam cups and a coffee machine

there’s a fat greasy bastard three chairs away

lousy marriage he says

lousy wife lousy job and I got this bad knee


lousy alright

on the wall there’s a TV turned to Fox News

they’re running a clip from 2015


in Charleston

fat greasy bastard says look at that guy

I got lumbago

lousy Obamacare don’t cover lumbago

there are old creamer packets and copies of people

the smell of burnt coffee and hard plastic chairs 

a vase of silk roses waiting to die

and Obama breaks into “Amazing Grace”

the Fox anchors

look at each other and giggle

lousy world

yesiree lousy alright

fat greasy bastard says I dunno why.

Lous"y (?), a.


Infested with lice.


Mean; contemptible; as, lousy knave.

[Vulgar]<-- informal but common(1950-96) -->

Such lousy learning as this is. Bale.

<-- 3. very bad [RH2: "wretchedly bad"]. To feel lousy; to do a lousy job. -->


© Webster 1913.

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