you haunt my mind like a thousand voices softly chanting..
no matter what is on my mind.. you are always there.
sometimes i get a moment of peace.. the voices softly are drowned out by the music of another..

and then poof

there you are.. to strengthen melody of in my mind..
you are there just long enough for me to dance to your tune..

no more..
you shall no longer strike up the music
i love you no less..
i just don't want to be reminded of it ..

the annoying tragicness of it all..
"oh unrequited love.." how cliche, tired and played out

in all honesty.. i'm not as upset WITH YOU as you may think..
It is me.. once again..
I let my passion, dreams, and get the best of me..
it's not a bad thing..

maybe it is.. all i know is..

i miss you..

the sound of your voice.. the feel of your hand..
the conversation.. the connection..
i have part of those.. in my memory..
the picture show in my mind..

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