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Reasonable men adapt themselves to their environment; unreasonable men try to adapt their environment to themselves. Thus all progress is the result of the efforts of unreasonable men. -- George Bernard Shaw
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Please note that I have done almost nothing with E2 since 2001ish.

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beauty, philosophy, ramblings

     and then I woke up      assignments for the day      canoe      crazy walking cravings      depression      don't blame me for what I did in my dream      Emily Elizabeth Jacobs      I am a nice person      I am eighteen years old      Lake Celeste      Liebert      New Jersey Turnpike      plan for society      scenery      Stargazer Ranch School      the storm came      trick or treat      weblog

humor in all its forms

Albania      Algebrix      AOL is broken      be advised      Bosco      cardinal directions      cocksucker      comb topped beak bearing deep fried chicken head      cooking oil      course guide parody      crack whore      the Dead Parrot sketch      the difference between theory and practice      do you like me?      emphasis      eriktown      flight unlimited      freon      garlic ice cream      how to drive: four way stops      human body      imperfect breasts      i'm up here in the nuthouse      Inadequate personality      japlish      kitten on fire      obfuscated perl      particle board      polar fleece      powdered donut pancake surprise      Rent      salad      sushi fish      this will go down on your permanent record      warlord      working hard, or hardly working?      zone


:= (comparison vs. equality)      ama      BGP      class      crayola      Gentleman's C+      mapper      medicalert      nam-shub of Enki      neurolinguistic hacker      radio spectrum      rationalism vs empiricism      rutgers bus system      shoot the monkey      spaghetti cooker      T9      Talent Identification Program      thermostat      Valentine      vitamin Z      wordperfect

neuroscience, biology

autonomic nervous system      blood-brain barrier      Clomiphene      dermatome      giant squid axon      excitotoxicity      haloperidol      homeotic gene      ion channel      itch      herniated disc      hyperopia      MRI      myopia      neurosurgery      neurotoxin      neurotransmitter      opioid      patch clamp      phantom limb      Provigil      receptor      substance P      synapse      why do so many people wear glasses?


     crashing hard      cruel wires      eriktown      paste


     c-command      crack whore      its      Principle ABC      split infinitive

logs worth their phosphor

PiHKAL (100+ writeups, autonoded)