A summer program for 11-15 year-olds (approximately) at Duke University, similar to the more widely known CTY (Center for Talented Youth). About 7 hours a day of whatever class you choose. Brilliant people.

When I was there, I helped write a silly bit of filk for the talent show...


That's great it starts with a shoelace
Spend your first year in Pegram; Love the odor just like gym
Essays in a closet; True men wear skirts
Union has too much greed; Stab a bagel it bleeds
TIP is now at high speed; Dope Shop Nitro
Brain matter starts to clatter with test fright all night
Chocolate Smiles RA's have engaged in a government for hire
with a bad RAG night; Blister we dancing in a hurry with the
Time Warp breathing down our necks
Doctor Doctor Quadfest Domino's is fastest
Look at that dorm blob mosh now
Uh oh overload in study hall one more hour but it won't do
Save yourself serve yourself
TIP has research needs listen to the quad breed
Touchdown with a hammer and a forehand curving right right
soccer improv Calvinball Dawn Run talent show
Feelin pretty psyched


'Lev'n o'clock bedtime hour; Don't get caught first-years cower
Miss TIP Lip Synch listen to your class think
Union forks get stolen and the ADF goes home
Every TIPster immolates in poison nitrate
Light a cigar light a crack pipe go home go home
PDA hush hush
Uh oh this means no fear fourth-year everybody steer clear
A tournament a tournament a tournament of spades

CHORUS w/ (Time I had a cool RA)

Another term I drift in mind; No more years left to find
TIPsters scream in a line DAVID GOLDSTEIN
Last night keep the light RA's you won't see the night
Twelve weeks lows and peaks hard work love
Patriotic and necrotic now we're gone; Right? (Right)


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