A poem by Emily Bronte

How beautiful the earth is still,
To thee--how full of happiness?
How little fraught with real ill,
Or unreal phantoms of distress!
How spring can bring thee glory, yet,
And summer win thee to forget
December's sullen time!
Why dost thou hold the treasure fast,
Of youth's delight, when youth is past,
And thou art near thy prime?

When those who were thy own compeers,
Equals in fortune and in years,
Have seen their morning melt in tears,
To clouded, smileless day;
Blest, had they died untried and young,
Before their hearts went wandering wrong,--
Poor slaves, subdued by passions strong,
A weak and helpless prey!

'Because, I hoped while they enjoyed,
And by fulfilment, hope destroyed;
As children hope, with trustful breast,
I waited bliss--and cherished rest.
A thoughtful spirit taught me soon,
That we must long till life be done;
That every phase of earthly joy
Must always fade, and always cloy:

'This I foresaw--and would not chase
The fleeting treacheries;
But, with firm foot and tranquil face,
Held backward from that tempting race,
Gazed o'er the sands the waves efface,
To the enduring seas--
There cast my anchor of desire
Deep in unknown eternity;
Nor ever let my spirit tire,
With looking for WHAT IS TO BE!

"It is hope's spell that glorifies,
Like youth, to my maturer eyes,
All Nature's million mysteries,
The fearful and the fair--
Hope soothes me in the griefs I know;
She lulls my pain for others' woe,
And makes me strong to undergo
What I am born to bear.

Glad comforter! will I not brave,
Unawed, the darkness of the grave?
Nay, smile to hear Death's billows rave--
Sustained, my guide, by thee?
The more unjust seems present fate,
The more my spirit swells elate,
Strong, in thy strength, to anticipate
Rewarding destiny!

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Anticipations introduce a tone that belongs to the next chord before that chord is actually sounded.

Anticipations may be approached by leap or step. They almost always resolve to the tone they anticipate.

Any anticipation that resolves by leap is called a free anticipation.


(noun) A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen; grounds for believing something good will happen. Oxford American Dictionaries (a widget provided on our Macintosh computer)

From everything I learned in catechism, there are three virtues—faith, hope and love. They say that love is the greatest. I beg to differ.

Hope gets me out of bed when the alarm rings. Hope propels me beyond the mundane today to the excitement of tomorrow. Hope is the preamble to the event; the anticipation of the unknown. Maybe this time…this is our year…

Signs of spring stir my sense of renewal: baby animals; orange construction barrels; opening of baseball training camps; the first signs of snowdrops, crocus, daffodils; the first golf tournaments; convertibles with the top down and the thumping bass of the radio; kids learning to ride new bikes.
Summer brings the promise of unbridled fun, warmth and freedom: fireworks, picnics, parades, spontaneous walks in the park, the beach, a hole-in-one, freedom from the layers of clothing and dismal gray days.
Fall brings a renewed focus and heightened activity after the "lazy, hazy crazy days of summer": rich, deep colors; a new school year; the boys of summer yielding to the pageantry and rapid pace of the games of the fall; the holidays running into one another, building up anticipation for good food, good friends and good cheer.
Winter provides warm, cozy nights; a white Christmas (for those in the right climate and hemisphere); a new year and the quintessential promises of personal improvement known as the new year’s resolutions.

Without hope, there is no faith and no charity. Without hope there is sadness and darkness. Without hope there is listlessness and helplessness. Hope is the foundation—it’s what provides the energy and strength to believe and to love.

Funny twists
life has an interesting sense of humor
cage and walls


in a flash
over night
boundaries minimal

breath catching
heart skipping a beat

met with growing desire
built over time
patience being a

beautiful tease

An*tic`i*pa"tion (#), n. [L. anticipatio: cf. F. anticipation.]


The act of anticipating, taking up, placing, or considering something beforehand, or before the proper time in natural order.

So shall my anticipation prevent your discovery. Shak.


Previous view or impression of what is to happen; instinctive prevision; foretaste; antepast; as, the anticipation of the joys of heaven.

The happy anticipation of renewed existence in company with the spirits of the just. Thodey.


Hasty notion; intuitive preconception.

Many men give themselves up to the first anticipations of their minds. Locke.

4. Mus.

The commencing of one or more tones of a chord with or during the chord preceding, forming a momentary discord.

Syn. -- Preoccupation; preclusion; foretaste; prelibation; antepast; pregustation; preconception; expectation; foresight; forethought.


© Webster 1913.

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