Pyro is a Marvel comic character whose real name is St. John Allerdyce. His mutant ability to control fire makes him a dangerous man to cross. However, he is unable to create fire and is only able to control the size, shape and intensity of an existing flame. He carries a flame-thrower to generate fire and then uses his mutant ability to shape it according to his will. These flame constructs had greater solidity than normal fire. They could carry people, and one was able to withstand punching and grappling with the Hulk for a short period of time. Also, he is immune to the intense heat generated by his flames.

Before his powers manifested, John was working as a journalist covering events in Asia and also writing cheesy romantic novels. Native to Australia, Pyro was an original member of both Mystique's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and Freedom Force. He is shown as a friendly and loyal individual but annoying at times with an occasional sadistic streak.

Pyro and Blob were abandoned during a Freedom Force mission to Kuwait. However Toad shows up and barters for their freedom. The two then join the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants led by Toad. However John soon learns that he has contracted the dreaded Legacy Virus and soon leaves the Brotherhood. His powers soon get out of control and he has occasional bouts of insanity. He desperately searches for a cure.

He later on dies due to Legacy complication but not before he thwarts the plans of his former teammates of the Brotherhood and saves his former nemesis, Senator Kelly. John realizes that the hatred and fighting between humans and mutants is wrong and destructive, and pleads with Kelly to stop the war, to which he agrees. Senator Kelly is a Presidential candidate at that time. John passes away shortly there after.

Py"ro (?), n. Photog.

Abbreviation of pyrogallic acid.



© Webster 1913.

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