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1 Alan Ladd   e2node
2 Albert Luthuli (person) Frankie writeup
3 Alexandre Dumas   e2node
4 Billie Holiday (person) Conquest writeup
5 Bob Dylan (person) dannye writeup
6 Chief Dan George (person) graceness writeup
7 Cicero (person) Noung writeup
8 Dennis Lehane   e2node
9 Edith Piaf (person) Demeter writeup
10 Frank Lloyd Wright (person) anthropod writeup
11 Jackie Gleason   e2node
12 James Wong Howe (person) balseraph writeup
13 Kenny Everett (person) RalphyK writeup
14 Miles Davis (person) pingouin writeup
15 Ned Kelly (person) queenofhearts writeup
16 Paul Robeson (person) sid writeup
17 Steve McQueen (person) kthejoker writeup
18 Wolfgang Pauli (person) Laz writeup
19 Walter de la Mare (person) Carbonif writeup
20 Bert Williams (person) SimpsonsFan writeup