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1 Oberth Effect (thing) RedOmega writeup
2 Specific Impulse (idea) The Custodian writeup
3 solid-fuel rocket (thing) Jurph writeup
4 Liquid-fuel rocket (thing) Jurph writeup
5 Rocket Equation (idea) WolfKeeper writeup
6 tripropellent (idea) WolfKeeper writeup
7 propellant (thing) The Custodian writeup
8 hypergolic   e2node
9 gelled rocket fuel   e2node
10 thrust termination   e2node
11 Nuclear saltwater rocket   e2node
12 Hohmann transfer   e2node
13 Fuzzy orbit   e2node
14 Escape Velocity   e2node
15 aerobraking   e2node
16 orbit   e2node
17 Gravity assist   e2node
18 Max Q   e2node
19 Spacecraft Information Database Project   e2node
20 Costs of launching to orbit   e2node
21 TSTO   e2node
22 One and a Half Stages to Orbit   e2node
23 SSTO   e2node
24 radiatively cooled engine   e2node
25 regeneratively cooled rocket   e2node
26 monopropellant   e2node
27 Gas Core Nuclear Thermal Rocket   e2node
28 Nuclear Rocket Propulsion   e2node
29 turbopump   e2node
30 Gravity   e2node
31 gems (thing) The Custodian writeup
32 Solid Rocket Booster (thing) The Custodian writeup
33 Poodle Thruster (thing) The Custodian writeup
34 Aerospike engine (thing) The Custodian writeup
35 jetavator (thing) The Custodian writeup