Last updated November 13, 2000 CE.


The goal of the Spacecraft Information Database Project (SIDP) is to create an exhaustive database of information on the spacecraft fielded by the various nations of Earth, including launch vehicles both expendable and reusable, space stations, crew recovery vehicles, orbital transfer craft, and experimental prototypes (also known as X-planes). SIDP does not presently have plans to include an exhaustive database of satellites, space probes or ballistic missiles. If you are interested in assisting with adding such information to the SIDP, please see the "Want To Help?" section below.


The Spacecraft Information Database Project was begun by Kesper North in Everything2 on November 5, 2000 CE, as a personal interest and pet project.

Want To Help?

If you are interested in participating in the Spacecraft Information Database Project, please send a /msg to Kesper North in the Chatterbox. Particularly welcome are corrections, constructive criticism of layout and content, and suggestions for craft to incorporate. The SIPD is also interested in acquiring new contributors of spacecraft nodes.

Other Information

For even more information on space travel and current space programs, check out the Space Program Metanode.

The Spacecraft Information Database

Here is the tree of information in the SIPD. The database entries are categorized by vehicle type, then by nation of origin, and then finally ordered in alphabetic order (or, in the case of X-planes, numeric order). Entries which have not been hardlinked have yet to be noded by the SIPD. Note: This database is a long way from being exhaustive, but it will shortly expand into something more useful.

Reusable Launch Vehicles

Space Transportation System (USA)
Buran (USSR/Russan Federation)

Expendable Launch Vehicles

Long March (China)
Ariane Series (Europe)
Nodong (North Korea)
J-3 (Japan)
Athena Series (USA)
Atlas Series (USA)
Delta Series (USA)
Saturn Series (USA)
Titan Series (USA)
Energia (USSR/Russian Federation)
Proton (USSR/Russian Federation)
Soyuz (USSR/Russian Federation)
Zenit (USSR/Russian Federation)

Crew Recovery Vehicles

X-38 Crew Return Vehicle (USA; Experimental)

Orbital Transfer Craft

Interplanetary Probes

Pioneer (USA)
Mariner (USA)
Surveyor (USA)
Mars Observer (USA)
Mars Pathfinder (USA)

Space Stations

International Space Station (International)
Skylab (USA)
Mir (USSR/Russian Federation)

Experimental Prototypes (X-planes)

X-30 National Aerospace Plane (USA)
X-33 VentureStar (USA)
X-34 Reusable Rocketplane Prototype (USA)
X-37 Reusable Rocketplane Prototype (USA)
X-38 Crew Return Vehicle (USA)

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