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Dark Wizards are not as dangerous as someone with a heart of gold who wants to change the world.

Sparrow begins her school year with noble goals, and the fire of youth in her heart. She sees her land in decay, she sees her people in misery, she has a tool in her hand that could bring life to the hills again, and yet, is she uses it, she knows the law will oppose her for the sake of upholding Secrecy.

She spends the first part of this first volume, her fourth year of schooling, in coming to a greater love and humility, lest all perish for her noble goals. She must admit that she may be wrong, must be willing to seek consensus, must be willing to surrender to everyone's decision.

The trouble is, everyone means everyone, including the people she can't tell about magic.

So in the second half of her school year, Sparrow must embark on a course of extreme illegality, precisely because it is so difficult and so dangerous that nobody is watching from that direction. Who would bother to monitor the minefield?

She will hear no objections. This is for the sake of democracy.

Which is to say: This is for the sake of love.

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