Greetings, fellow noders, and welcome to this quest. Since my arrival here, I've noticed a real dearth of nodes on classical music. This is a huge and truly important topic, because it is a history of creative expression. I want everything! Composers! Performers! Festivals! Instruments! Pieces! It's all good. All genres, from Gregorian Chant to modern opera. Because this is for many a node what you don't know project, it will also be a long one. People, as ever, please save your votes and C!s for the noble contributors to this endeavour. Thanks. The quest begins immediately, and the deadline for quest entries is 00:00 server time on Wednesday December 18th. After this time no quest entries will be accepted. Right.

Rancid_Pickle has very kindly offered to stand by and hand out blessings, and Ouroboros has equally kindly offered to be on hand to answer any questions you might have. /msg Ouroboros or darl with any gremlins.

Some pointers:

  • Please don't cut and paste. You will not find yourself getting ahead this way.
  • Please do take your time. I heard on the wires that multiple blessings are going to particularly worthy entries.
  • Acknowledge your sources. There's no shame in admitting you've done research for god's sake.
  • Naming convention: please include the bare minimum of information necessary to identify your piece. Composer, genre and number. Hence Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5. If there's a name it's commonly known by, use that instead. Hence Toy Symphony. OK? If in doubt /msg us with questions. The probem with this is that there is so much information you could include that title formats vary wildly, and then the Search box ceases to be useful. Some hints and clarifications can also be found here.
  • If you're noding opera, I don't just want to see the libretto, even if it's explicated. This is not the point. This is about Music, not words. OK?
  • A handy resource and starting point can be found here:

    As questions get asked, there'll be an FAQ. There isn't yet, because they haven't been.

    Go to the Classical Music Starter Guide if you're short on ideas, and examples of thorough writeups on this kind of thing can be found here, here, here, here, and here.

    Let's Go!

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