Update 2: "Participate" Poster: How and where do I pay?

Update: "Participate" Poster in time for Christmas.

Also, I am accepting PayPal (dirk@nykamp.cc)

Check it if interested.

Please see The Limited Edition "Participate in Your Own Manipulation" Poster for complete details.

As of 11/19 we have definite orders totaling 147 posters. This puts the present purchase price at $9.19. Due to a screw-up on my part (i.e. forgot to figure in MI Sales Tax on the printing costs) and also in an attempt to get this ball rolling, I am freezing the price at $9.19. Please consider adding a buck or two to your order to help out E2.

In addition, thanks to a little help from Modnar, the U.S. shipping cost has decreased. The present shipping and handling cost for all U.S. destinations is now $6.25 (each buck saved counts). For those of you who ordered more than one poster, you only have to pay for Shipping once, as for handling, pay at least the stated $2.00, E2 and myself are accepting tips however, so feel free to do as you please. (Also, the poster price has become extremely reasonable, lower than I thought it would reach, so please, if you feel at all obliged, or willing, or guilty at getting such an incredible deal, add a few more bucks for E2, either to your checks/money orders/paypal transactions, or directly to the Donation Box).

Shipping + Handling

to Canada - $10
Overseas - $13.00