Doesn't exist, but it should. "Cops" Barbie wears a halter top, Daisy Dukes, and flip-flops. Her hair is platinum blonde, and you can pull on it to see the dark roots grow out! Push the button on her back to hear a variety of phrases:

"I'm just trying to earn a living out here!"
"Don't take him! (Weeping.) Honey, I love you!"
"Little Jimmy fell down the stairs. I swear."
"What baggie?"
"He didn't hit me, Officer, I was lying. We just had a little argument, that's all."
"That bitch stole my stash!"
"Math is hard."

"Cops" Barbie comes with her own sunglasses you can use to cover her bloodshot eyes, a little purse with a mirror and razorblade inside, and makeup you can use to give her a black eye when "Cops" Ken gets angry with her.

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