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Atari 2600 Game
Produced by:Activision
Model Number:AX025
Atari Rarity Guide:2 Common
Year of Release: 1983

Keystone Kapers by Activison is a classic. Guide Officer Kelly around a department store on a chase after crooks. While avoiding obstacles such as beach balls, shopping carts, airplanes, and radios. The store itself has four floors, (you can see them all at once because this game is played with a side view). You have a radar screen at the bottom to help you keep track of events that occur offscreen. No Atari collection is complete without this game. Not that I am actually suggesting that you collect Atari cartridges, but if you did then this would be a good one to have.

You could get a patch from the Activision Club by getting a score of 35,000 or better. Don't try too hard though, as the offer has been invalid for over twenty years. Plus, what would you do with it anyway? Are you going to put it on your jean jacket and wear it to work?

From the instruction manual:
As your score rises, the beachballs bounce higher. Forget about trying to jump
over them. Instead, DUCK! Also, the biplanes and shopping carts start coming in
waves, so learn their rhythms and do the "Keystone Strut". To the tune of the
shopping carts it's, "Jump...run two steps...Jump...run two steps..etc." To the
biplane beat it's, "Duck...run three steps...duck...run three steps...etc."
Learn to adjust to changing rhythms
- Garry Kitchen

This game was bootlegged by the evil Canadian department store Zellers with the title Busy Police.

Garry Kitchen programmed this title, he is an industry veteran and is still doing video game work today.

This game is valued at around $2 USD, (There is an alternate version by Beagle Brothers Software Co that is worth several hundred dollars). If you are the sort of person that likes to waste your money then you are going to be wanting the alternate version. Games with boxes and manuals are worth more, but you already knew that.

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