This ritual is used to acknowledge the karmic bond of friendship and love between two souls
and to celebrate their reunion in physical forms suitable for such a relationship.
It is a rare happening that two souls bound as such receive vessels of the desired sex, similar
age, and of same species. When this occurs there is much cause for celebration.

1st degree Handfasting is a bond for a year and a day, a trial period at the end of which the parties
can either re-up, or part ways. 2nd degree Handfasting and traditional marriage binds two souls for
only one lifetime, and is reserved for those who religiously do not recognize the reality of
reincarnation, do not know that they are inexorably bound throughout history circling one another
in an orbit of various forms
, or simply they are not bound as such.

3rd degree Handfasting is recognition of the ancient bond that yet again drew the two together,
and gave them the feeling of meeting a very old friend again for the first time. Fleeting, half glimpsed
memories of different forms, different times, and yet the same soul looking out from different eyes. This
ceremony joyfully re-strengthens this bond, and pledges love, friendship, aid, and protection
throughout all lifetimes.

“… for if our paths should later diverge, Yet will I ever remain thy true friend.”

Spell Components

Includes but is not limited to; a hawk’s wing, a blade, (fight or flight)
two candles, (the sightless find their way by the warmth)
a censer of incense and a bowl of water with a lavender blossom
for casting the circle wherein the ceremony takes place.

The elements are summoned (also known as “calling the corners” as each elemental is associated
with a compass point) to lend the spell the essence of the material plane for grounding
purposes. Simple tokens are exchanged with loving vows and smiles, and
the circle is closed with a kiss.

...and the universe continues to spin…

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