A phrase common among neopagans. Used to refer to the solar year via the lunar calendar.

One lunar year is 364 days long. Adding the 'day' in 'year and a day' gives you the full solar year that most people use now.


A year and a day is exactly the duration of an old-fashioned Celtic temporary marriage. One was permitted one of these short-term marriages with any eligible other person as a kind of a trial period.

That makes a lot of sense.

This piece was written as a compliment to handfast, heartfast. Yesterday, September 19, was the year-and-a-day date of the day mcc and I were handfasted. This was written as part of my gift to him in celebration. The date of this handfasting, regardless of when we finally 'legally' marry, is what we ourselves consider our 'anniversary'.

The wheel has turned, cycle complete
As now I nestle down to sleep
Beside you, near you, safe and warm
And I have finally found my home.

A day and year ago, my love,
You swore i"name of powers above,
Below, and present in this world
That it was I that you adored.

That you wished in life to travel,
Bound by cords that will not ravel,
By my side each moment true…
And I have sworn the same to you.

Together bound, purple and gold,
Forever—now, and when we"re old.
Share in laughters, share in tears,
Share life and love throughout our years.

We promised it with leafing flame
A year ago, and now the same
I choose to promise you again
Our lives are bound until the end.

Together till we leave this frame
And pass in peace to greenworld plane
Yet even then, when choose we creep,
Together, whole, our souls shall sleep.

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