There was once something called the "Motorola C Compiler", which was sometimes called the MCC. I don't know if it's still in use-- i think it was replaced by the newer MrC compiler.

There was once something called the "Marlyebone Cricket Club", which was sometimes called the MCC. It no longer exists, but its old premises is the current housing grounds of the Rushes.

One of the NCAA conferences is called the Midwestern Collegiate Conference. It is sometimes referred to as MCC.

The creators of the very evil Comet Cursor combination web browser plug-in and trojan horse decided to adopt the acronym MCC for their (also very evil) "My Comet Cursor" service.

And, of course (and most importantly!), there was a very, very early distribution of linux which was called MCC. Its name came from the Manchester Computing Centre. It was supposedly very complete, and pretty much everyone who used it was supposedly very happy with it.

None of this, however, has anything to do with the reason that "mcc" is my username.

"A personality is an aggregate, or an organization, like a cricket club. I can accept the dissolution of the MCC."

-Bertrand Russell

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