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This is ], the other part of [, neglected by the nodeshell rescue team. Therefore I, as writeup-thief, will copy the [ and make the necessary changes.

It is also known as Right Bracket, Closing Bracket, Square Bracket (if polarity is irrelevant), Right Square Bracket and Closing Square Bracket.

This is square bracket [], not to be confused with curly {} bracket or parenthesis ().

It is 93 in ASCII table, which is why you can spell it "]", or for witches (die Hexe) 5D.

In Everything it ends links.

In smiley culture, you can use it instead of closing parenthesis as mouth: :-].

In C/C++ it can be used as ending part for array variable declarations, or as ending part for indexing calls. In mathematics, some people who have troubles grasping idea of recursion, use it as ending part for 2nd level parenthesis: [5*(1+2)].

In mathematics, an ending bracket ] in a beginning of set definition signifies that the lower value is not included in a set, in end of the set definition it signifies that upped value is included in a set. For example (using integer values for simplicity):
[2,5]: from 2 to 5.
]2,5]: from 3 to 5.
[2,5[: from 2 to 4.
]2,5[: from 3 to 4.

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