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-40 C is the temperature at which mercury freezes, making most thermometers useless. When I was a kid in Moscow, Russia, -35 C meant that we didn't have to go to school. -40 C was even more fun - it felt like an entire winter break.
At temperatures like these I remember being clothed in 2 pairs of pants, 3 sweaters, 2 hats, and an incredibely heavy fur coat. Movement was a problem. It also looked very funny: imagine stuffed animals trying to jump across mounds of snow in the dead of winter.

-40 C is the point at which the Celcius (or Centigrade) and Fahrenheit scales converge. It's also pretty damn cold. Canadians have been known to wear gloves and toques when it gets this cold. Also your snot freezes in your nose.

Really fucking cold. Conditions for outdoor travel, such as walking, become dangerous. Exposed flesh freezes in less than one minute for the average person. Even Canadians stay indoors. No hockey =(.

-40 ... the one place where the Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scale read the same. This is the temperature at which the infamous brass monkey parts company with his gonads. This is where the the leg-warmer-wearing and the heart rupturing, both of which dannye is fond of, occur.

Too cold for hockey? Nonsense. You're not playing hard enough. :)

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