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An excellent alcoholic beverage with a funny name.

According to the liner notes that came with the Beastie Boys' anthology Sounds of Science, Jazzy Jay introduced them to Brass Monkey. The Boys also told of sitting on the porch in the evening, drinking Brass Monkey with lemon popsicles in it instead of ice.

here's how to make your own:
take a 40 ounce of your favorite malt liquor. (i'm an OE man, myself).
drink it down to the top of the triangular part of the neck, ASCII diagram for the imagination impaired:

 / \
/   \< -- about to there
|   | 
|   |
|   |
|   |

now fill it back up to the top with orange juice. recap, mix and enjoy!
it's actually pretty good - think of a Mimosa made with malt liquor instead of champagne.

Brass Monkey, as I was taught in bartending school:


* 1/2 oz Rum
* 1/2 oz Vodka
* 4 oz Orange juice

Mixing instructions:

Mix the Rum & Vodka together and stir gently. Next, pour in the orange juice . Shake well. Pour over ice.

Some stuff for those who are into science fiction:

Brass Monkey is the only human outpost on Tran-Ky-Ky, a world in Alan Dean Foster's Humanx Commonwealth. It is instrumental in the second and third part of the Icerigger trilogy (OK, the first part covers getting to that place from halfway around the planet). The outpost is located on Arsudun, one of the larger islands on the completely frozen world.

The settlement is described as a mixture of Tran and Human architecture, with an ice-harbour, a small spaceport, an administrative office and some living-quarters.

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