a caliber rating used for bullets that are 1/2 inches wide. The sniper rifle .50 cal BMG is 12.7x99 mm.. that's a huge projectile folks.. now the pistol action express cartrige isn't nearly as long, but will blow a hole the size of a cat in a human torso.

12,7mm is in fact not the worlds biggest bullet, cal. 700 Nitro Express is, although 12,7x99 is the worlds most powerful non-wildcatin terms of energy and speed. 0.7 Inches is 17,8 mm, folks! The 12,7x99mm was originally intended as a crossing between a rifle cartridge and a small cannon shell. It is used mainly in the .50 cal. Browning HMG, and in heavy sniper rifles, like the Barrett.

Firing a .50 calibre rifle is not for the faint of heart. Make sure you follow these important safety tips;
  • If you're not with someone who has a lot of experience firing at this level then put the gun away and go home. The .50 calibre is a class of its own and has its own pitfalls and dangers.
  • Wear over-ear and in-ear defenders.
  • Make sure your mouth is wide open all the time, this'll help with eaqualising the pressure on your eardrums when you fire.
  • Pull back at least 4 inches from the scope before you fire. Yes; it'll limit your FOV but that weapon is going to be coming back at you fast when you pull that trigger. This particularly applies when bench shooting.
  • The target should be over 500 yards away, preferably 1000-2000 yards. Ricochets are not a good idea.
  • Plan on only taking about 5-15 shots in total that day, the fifty is a big gun and, while a lot o fun to fire, best kept in smallish doses.
  • Treat those rounds with care! There is the same explosive force as a hand grenade in each round of a fifty.
  • Check each round before inserting it gently in to the breech block, you're looking for crystalline patterns or metal fatigue fractures. Don't take a chance on suspect rounds.
  • Be aware of cook-off, particularly on hot days.
All that aside, if you are an experienced shooter you'll enjoy the fifty, its a rewarding and fun experience.
Stay safe!

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