For those of producing home pages, as opposed to sites, please learn the following (which came from an internal document at work I wrote, called "My website is 3l1t33")

  • The number of fonts on a home page is not directly proportional to the greatness of a page
  • The <h*> tags are there for headings, 3d images are not
  • Serif fonts are not good at small point sizes.
  • Enforcing javascript usage is evil
  • Enforcing javascript usage just to get a ticker in the status bar of a browser means you will go to hell.
  • The <blink> tag was created by a psychotic.
  • ALT tags are not optional
  • DTDs are not optional.
  • .5mb images are not useful, not matter what your friend who works in marketing says.
  • Do you really have to use flash?
  • Java is not "write once, run anywhere". Sun kidnapped Microsoft marketing people to produce this slogan.
  • Not everyone has a 21" monitor

    And finally

  • When you produce a web site in this office, I will check it on Mosaic

The web designers are scared of me ... :)

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