An alternate history novel by Eric Flint, 1632 explores what happens when you transplant a West Virginian mining town in 2000 AD with Thuringia, 1632.

A space-time anomaly transplants a 6-mile sphere centered on a small mining town to the middle of the Thirty Years' War. The characters must face Germanic mercenaries, and the challenges of bringing education and self-governance to the illiterate peasants in a war zone, while maintaining critical infrastructure and restructing democracy and the Constitution.

Noder's commentary: A good history lesson. The characters are a little too "I'm good, you're bad", but a fun read.

Their vain presumption of knowing all can take beginning solely from their never having known anything; for if one has but once experienced the perfect knowledge of one thing, and truly tasted what it is to know, he shall perceive that of infinite other conclusions he understands not so much as one.

- Galileo Galilei, Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems

In the year AD 1632...

These people were born in 1632...

These people died in 1632...

1631 - 1632 - 1633

17th century

How they were made

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