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2C! How many atoms of Jesus you eat every day 1
2C! E2 Public Relations Issues 2
1C! September 13, 2001 3
April Trolls Day II - Electric Boogaloo 4
2C! What it feels like to eject from a jet fighter 5

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3 (tied) food truck

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1C! The Settlers of Catan (tied) 1
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2C! corn syrup (tied) 1
1C! Alan Dean Foster (tied) 1
1C! Fermi Problem (tied) 1
Robin Cook (tied) 1
1C! Rules Lawyer (tied) 1
3C! measures of central tendency (tied) 1
Fender Bender (tied) 1
1C! NUMA (tied) 1
1C! Code Red II (tied) 1
1C! d20 System (tied) 1
1C! brass rat (tied) 1
1C! EBITDA (tied) 1
PCS (tied) 1
How to light a barbecue (tied) 1
2C! et al. (tied) 1
radix economy (tied) 1
SYN attack (tied) 1
1C! SCI (tied) 1
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1C! A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates (tied) 1
prenuptial agreement (tied) 1
nigiri (tied) 1
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Honor code (tied) 1
Carl Brashear (tied) 1
1C! BorderGuard 2000 (tied) 1
1C! Interdecile Mean (tied) 1
flashing green light (tied) 1
P3P (tied) 1
Geneva Convention Category (tied) 1
percentile (tied) 1
Denied Persons List (tied) 1
1C! humility square (tied) 1
1C! Dave Duncan (tied) 1
1C! telephone pictionary (tied) 1
IP Broadcast (tied) 1
SIPRNET (tied) 1
Mountain Creamery (tied) 1
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Internet bottlenecks (tied) 1
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Air Force Historical Research Agency (tied) 1
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zbot (tied) 1
Bless them hagafens! (tied) 1

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1 War of Seven Gods
2 Belisarius
3 America is not a country 2C!
4 Behind Closed Doors with Joan Lunden
5 fuck truck 1C!

5 Most Reputable Writeups
2C! How many atoms of Jesus you eat every day 1
2C! E2 Public Relations Issues 2
4C! How to lie with statistics 3
2C! What it feels like to eject from a jet fighter 4
2C! How to run a roleplaying game 5

5 Least Reputable Writeups
1 War of Seven Gods
2 Belisarius
3 (tied) Behind Closed Doors with Joan Lunden
3 (tied) Loscy
3 (tied) DOOMCom

Why my name is cordelia

Back in the Day, I was playing in a tabletop RPG in the AD&D2 universe. It was a high-death campaign, with an average 10% character survival rate per adventure. Through much luck, this character perpetually survived.

When I arrived at MIT as a student, the registration tool suggested I "pick a memorable username, like your first initial-middle initial-last name, or a character from a novel, or a character from an RPG" -paraphrased. Can you see where this is headed?

Some things I have done in my life:

Geek Code (v3.1):
GCS/CM d+/- s++: a- C+++$ UL++++$ P- L++ E++ W++ N o-- K- w PS+ PE++ Y+ PGP++ t-- 5++ R+++ tv+ b+++ DI++ D++ G e++$ h r++ z++

Noding Projects:

How to write a good LARP.
Current phase: Filling in termionology. To do:
  • research/tech tree
  • Combat mechanics
  • riddle trails
  • wargames
  • brainwashing
  • love plots
Game strategy
Not game theory, but rather, how to approach and play games.
Things to go node: Things to go back and add content to:

E2 Punishments

Sometimes, a noder will misbehave in the eyes of The Powers That Be or high level noders. This misbehavior may be for failing to head the instruction to avoid noding about noding; or criticizing an anonymous deity. There is no presumption of innocence. Sometimes, you'll be smacked down hard. The ways of smack down are many:
You've Been Borged
The Everything Death Borg, guided be the hand of god, reaches out and consumes you. You can't use the chatterbox. You can't /msg anyone. A little &null; will appear beside your name in Other Users. Whatever you do, resist the urge to communicate your displeasure by noding it. You may have been right; now you'll be dead right.
You've been cursed.
You'll lose of one your Golden Trinkets, and 10 XP. Not a huge hit, and doesn't seem to happen incredibly often. Feature terminated, November, 2002
Nuking of your writeups.
This will mostly target any writeups which comment on the Power Structure of Everything2. Note that this is in addition to the pruning that the Powers That Be may also be performing on your poor writeups (which may be 99% of the nukings).
Systematic Downvoting
Someone will go through your old nodes, dumping a lot of downvotes on you. This will not necessarily be done by a god or editor, anyone with lots of votes could do this.
Every time one of your writeups appears in New Writeups, it'll instantly garner a few downvotes. This is more annoying than hurtful. To deal with this, mention it to a known vote tagger, and feel the healing salve of a good vote tagging.
You can avoid these punishments, though. Go read Everything University. Write The Perfect Node. When you have a gripe, go /msg someone.

E2 Suggestions

  • Alternate pipelinking. current implementation: foo|bar -> print bar, link to foo. foo|bar|baz --> print bar, link to foo, discard(?) baz. Desire: to be able to conjugate w/o doing hacks (retyping word, or doing foos. How about: if you use two pipes, new usage: foo|bar|baz -> link to foobar, print foobaz. Allows things like conjugate||d or conjugat|e|ing.
  • Allow contingency voting. A reader votes contingently in one direction, with the option to later reverse their vote.
  • Ordering writeups: factuals >> reference (episodes, ccgs) >> humor >> fiction
    Pending Nodeshell Challenges (if you fill one, /msg me):
    Snapshot of a noder:

    Bookmarks are things that I no longer know why I bookmarked them: