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World of Macilnya

Prestige class
Many a warrior has been stunned by the projective force of a monk-turned-Star Thrower. The Star Throwers learn to channel their energy into hurled projectiles, making them a deadly force indeed.
Hit die: d6.


Base Attack Bonus: +3
Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (shuriken), Improved Unarmed Strike, any Item Creation Feat.
Other: Ability to cast spells / use psionics.

Class Features

Base Attack Bonus
The Star Thrower gains +1 BAB/level for throwing stars, and +0.5 BAB/level for all other attacks.
The Star Thrower has strong Reflex and Fortitude saves, and weak Will saves.
Special Powers
A Star Thrower has the ability to channel their energy into throwing stars. Any star imbued with energy appears as a small star of light when thrown. This energy trail gives a +1 circumstance bonus to hit for anyone attacking the Thrower or their target with ranged weapons until the thrower's next action.

In addition, any feat (such as Psychic Weapon) that charges a Thrower's melee weapons also applies to their stars.
A Star Thrower does not provoke an attack of opportunity for using their stars. At each level, they select one power from this table:
  • Ki Strike: Thrown shuriken are considered +1 enhanced weapons for purposes of countering damage reduction. This power can be taken multiple times, increasing the effective enhancement by 1 each time.
  • Spell Storing: The Star Thrower can imbue a set of 3 shuriken with a targeted spell (or psionic power). Only one set of shuriken may be so imbued at any time, and must remain in hand to keep their effect. The spell discharges when a target is hit with the shuriken (If the shuriken miss, the spell is lost). If only one shuriken hits, the save DC, if any, is at -2. If two hit, the DC is normal. If all three hit, the DC is at +2. This ability can be taken three times. Each time allows the casting of one additional spell, at a DC reduction of -2 for all spells. If fewer shuriken hit the target than spells cast, randomly select which spells do not take effect. Preparing a set of shuriken to receive spells is a move-equivalent action.
  • Spell Absorption: (requires Spell Storing): Other casters can cast spells into a Thrower's shuriken, up to the normal of spells allowed by spell storing.
  • Shooting Stars: The range increment of the Star Thrower's shuriken increases by 20 feet. This power can be taken twice.
  • Materialize Stars: The Star Thrower can, as a move-equivalent action, create three energy stars. These stars dissipate shortly after the Thrower releases them, so may not be used by another character or stored. This ability may be used once per hour per Thrower level.
  • Free Stars: (requires Materialize Stars). The Star Thrower may create stars as a free action once per round instead of as a move-equivalent action.

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