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World of Macilnya

Sisters of Succor

A branch of the chruch of St. Cuthbert, the Sisters of Succor are, for lack of a better term, combat nuns. Sisters work as battlefield surgeons or bodyguard/medics. The Sisters are closely affiliated with the Vodalaran Monks, and their abbey is located in the same fief as the Vodalaran monastery.

The earl of the Western March has in his retinue three sisters - one who is a first/second level cleric, a third or fourth level, and a fifth or sixth level. Since the sisters do not proselytize, they are accepted even among followers of other deities.

Sisters will take as their domains Strength, and either Protection or Destruction (although some rarely take Protection and Destruction as their domains). Sisters assigned as bodyguards are usually assigned to a knight or captain - their function is both to serve as a physical and divine protector, and to provide healing assistance on the battlefield. Very few sisters go adventuring, although one may occasionally serve as an NPC cohort to a PC that the Cuthbertians want protected.

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