Terran Medic: Combat Physician

By the Numbers:

Hit Points: 60
Energy: 200 Size: Small
Cost: 50 minerals / 25 gas
Supply: 1
No weaponry

Trained at Barracks
Abilities researched at Academy. Requires Academy to train.

Base armor: 1
Build Time: 30

Infantry Armor: Cost: Base: 100/100 Upgrade: +75/+75
Medic effect: + 1 to armor per upgrade level
Medic Upgrades:
Caduceus Reactor 150/150 Effect: + 50 Medic max energy Medic Abilities:
Research Heal: N/A. Medics all have Heal when trained.
Cost: 1 energy per 2 hit points healed Restoration
Research Restoration: 100/100
Effect: Increase the sight range of the Scout
Cost: 75 energy


Medics are rarely-used units in StarCraft; they are finesse units, not "uber" units. That said, Medics do have a few uses, both as part of an attack force and as defensive units.


As offensive units, Medics are absolutly vital to the success of a Marine attack. Medics allow for Marines (and Firebats) to use the Stim Packs and still rush into battle at full health. From the StarCraft Compendium (www.battle.net/scc):

While expendable, the massive losses of Terran Marines during the Great War began to become cost prohibitive. The Medic's use of chemical modifiers has greatly enhanced the survival rate of UED forces, lengthening the expected battlefield life expectancy to over nine seconds.
Over nine seconds indeed. A properly executed Marine rush with Medics can win the game; improperly executed, "nine seconds" describes about how long it will take for your opponent to torch your Marines and then raze your defenseless base. As with most things in StarCraft, proper timing is key.

Medics can heal SCVs and most Protoss ground units, as well as all Zerg units. Heal is an automatic ability; if a Medic sees a wounded allied unit, she will rush to save the day.

When using Medics in conjuction with an attack force (most likely Marines (and maybe Firebats), one good strategy that Jetifi has pointed out is that instead of stimming your Marines, healing them, and then attack-moving your Marines, it is far more efficient to simply place the Medics very close to the Marines, stim and then tell the Marines to attack-move. The Medics will follow the Marines, healing as they waltz along towards certain doom.

Med"ic (?), n. [L. medica, Gr. (sc. ) a kind of clover introduced from Media, from Median.] Bot.

A leguminous plant of the genus Medicago. The black medic is the Medicago lupulina; the purple medic, or lucern, is M. sativa.


© Webster 1913.

Med"ic, a. [L. medicus.]




© Webster 1913.

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