The C-9 Nightingale is the United States Air Force's modified version of the Douglas DC-9 airliner. It exists in two variants: the C-9A version is used for ferrying up to 40 medical evacuation patients, while the C-9C version is used to fly high-ranking bureaucrats around, kind of like a lesser Air Force One. The only way to tell the two apart is by looking for a big red cross on the tail, which tells you that you're looking at a C-9A.

There are currently 20 C-9A's in the Air Force, stationed at Scott AFB, Yokota Air Base, and Rammstein Air Base. All three C-9C's are stationed at Andrews AFB.


Length: 119'3" (36.4 m)
Wingspan: 93'3" (28.4 m)
Height: 27'5" (8.4 m)
Engines: Two turbofans rated at 14,500 pounds of thrust each
Max weight: 108,000 pounds (48,988 kg)
Cruise speed: 525 mph (840 km/h)
Range: 2,500 miles (4,000 km)
Crew: 8 (includes medics on the C-9A and flight attendants on the C-9C)
Passengers: 40 casualties on C-9A, 12 passengers on C-9C

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