Um, sorry, bad joke on the title. I plan to use this metanode to collect the various nodes on Everything that concern military hardware, my own and others. Please /msg me with nodes to be added and I'll stick 'em in there. Please, for all our sakes, if you're noding someone else's info (like, the military's or the FAS) then cite it...original commentary and analysis is best! Also /msg me if you have any requests; in my other life I'm a military analyst, so someone should get some use outta me. I will be sure to credit all nodes in the list that aren't mine; any mistakes in this metanode are, of course, my fault. As the nodes accumulate, I will try to better organize and categorize them.

This node is named after the Jane's Fighting Ships reference and its many cousins, published by Jane's of England. Originally, this was a guide of warship silhouettes published to help naval officers in the Royal Navy quickly identify other ships they might spot on the horizon, allowing them to decide whether or not the other was likely to be hostile. FAQ: There is no woman or ship named 'Jane;' the gent who began authoring these guides was named (I believe) Richard Jane. No Dick and Jane jokes, please. :-) (Whoop! Albert Herring tells me it's Frederick T. Jane, actually).

There are now Jane's guides for all sorts of stuff, from Jane's Fighting Ships to Jane's Combat Aircraft and Jane's Undersea Weapon Systems. Useful as hell if you study the military or even read the news a lot.

Note: this node is for post-World War II references only. For military references prior to that, including the WWII period, see Jane's Military History Nodes by skibum5. Finally, if you have questions about any system listed here (or, better yet, not yet listed here) then you can try asking the good users of the e2janes usergroup, who love a good session of hardware banter!

Nodes that have been struck out have been deleted by their authors. Replacements are welcome! Drop me a /msg to let me know if you replace one so I can correct the list.

Jane's Fighting Nodes


Fixed-Wing Aircraft

Rotary-Wing Aircraft

Armored Vehicles

Weapon Systems:

Military Units:

General Jargon & Stuff:

Military Analysis

Historical (Pre-Cold War) Military Systems

see Jane's Military History Nodes by SkiBum5!

Again, requests are entertained! Thanks. -The Custodian

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