Jane's Information Group is considered by many nations the be the leading worldwide authority on military hardware.

John Fredrick Thomas Jane, born 1865 in England composed a system of signals that was later adopted by the Royal Navy as youngster doing mock sea battles at the village pond. He later compiled a list of all the known warships in the world at the time in 1898, known as Jane's All the World's Fighting Ships (shortened to Jane's Fighting Ships) which became the authority on ship recognition and intelligence. Later in 1909, he published All the World's Airships (later named Jane's All the World's Aircraft) now considered the aviation industry's "bible".

Nowdays Jane's Information Group, which continues Fred T.'s legacy publishes Jane's Defence Weekly, Jane's Fighting Ships and Jane's All the World's Aircraft on a weekly to annual basis.

Jane's Fighting Nodes
Jane's Military History Nodes
Pilots' Jargon
Everything Guns Metanode

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