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APILAS -- supposedly short for Armor PIercing Light Arm System, but I haven't managed to confirm this -- is a heavy disposable rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launcher designed specifically for taking out tanks. While quite powerful and physically heavy compared to most other LAWs out there, the APILAS can still be technically classified as a light anti-tank weapon, since it weighs only 9.0 kg and can thus be carried around by some poor grunt.

Using an APILAS is relatively simple. Start by lying down, the tube of the APILAS firmly propped up against a log or rock and your shoulder, your head pressed into the face shield. Ensure there is a bare minimum of 15 centimeters of clearance between both ends of the APILAS and the ground. Sight your target using the handy included telescopic sighting system (night sight included!), preferably 25 to 300 meters away from you (and less than 200 if it's moving). Make sure there is nothing you do not want to incinerate for 50 meters behind you. Disengage the safety switch, grip onto the thing as firmly as you can, and press down the trigger.

Immediately after pulling the trigger, the rocket inside the tube will explosively ignite and fly towards the target at a speed of 293 meters per second. As the tube is open at both ends, the blast is theoretically recoilless, but the 162 dB explosion will still leave your ears ringing despite the double ear protection you have hopefully been wearing. Should there be anything within the path of the rocket (some 600 meters), the hollowed 112 mm HEAT grenade will detonate and send a directed stream of shrapnel directly forwards, burrowing up to 700 mm into heavy armor. If you're lucky, this will destroy even a modern main battle tank with a single good hit; now pick up your assault rifle and destroy any infantry trying to crawl out of the flaming wreckage.

Should you miss, however, you have approximately 5 seconds to get the hell out of there before you have one very angry MBT on your ass. Look on the bright side: the APILAS is disposable, so you don't have to take it back with you.

The APILAS is manufactured by GIAT Industries of France and has been quite a hit in the anti-tank community, with over 100,000 units sold. Major customers include France, Italy, Finland and Jordan. There are several variants of APILAS available, most notably the ABB "APILAS Bunker Buster" which can punch a hole in up to two meters of reinforced concrete.

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