The Uzi is a fully automatic submachine gun named after its designer Uziel Gal. You might know Uziel from his such other fine firearms such as the Galil.

Using stamped parts in its construction and firing from an open bolt, this firearm is a supreme example of simplicity and functionality. Like most other guns that are properly designed for use in adverse conditions, the Uzi is very reliable and will not jam even when fired while inundated with water or with sand in the action. It would not be adopted by the IDF if it was prone to jamming "while firing" (guns can not "jam" in the "not firing" mode) as their adversaries, arabs and palestinians, are quite well armed with extremely reliable AK-47 rifles.

The Uzi is still a standard issued firearm in the IDF but is not now, or ever was, their main standard issue battle rifle. Mainly because the Uzi is not a rifle and, being chambered for the 9mmx19 pistol round, quite inadequate for battle. The reason bitter_engineer saw most IDF soldiers carrying M-16 rifles is because the M-16 is one of their standard issue assault rifles, along with the IMI Tavor. Both are chambered in 5.56mmx45 NATO and accepts STANAG magazines.

The Uzi is only normally issued to officers and female enlisted.


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