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High-Mobility Artillery Rocket System

Key Data:
Crew: Driver, gunner, section chief


  • Length 7m
  • Width 2.4m
  • Height 3.2m
  • Weight 24,000lb
Performance: Armament:
  • Rockets: 6 × M270 MLRS (Any MLRS family munition)
  • Missiles: 1x Long-range ATACMS guided missile

The HIMARS is an absurdly capable system fielded by the US Army and Marine Corps, and has been procured by several friendly foreign governments. It is capable of launching 6 M270-series rockets in less than forty seconds, or a single ATACMS.

The HIMARS uses the same crew and command systems as the older MLRS system, but was developed as a more agile, lighter-weight system in order to address changing tactical needs. It can be transported with a full combat load by a C-130 Hercules to any place capable of supporting a landing and be ready to launch within 15 minutes of offload from the aircraft.

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