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A 'Nixie' is a type of sonar decoy used by surface combatants. It is a towed device which makes noises like a ship really loud in the hope of decoying passive sonar-guided torpedoes. This is best used in conjunction with a stealthing system such as Prairie/Masker, which uses a shield of bubbles to reflect the ship's noise (acoustic energy) back onto the hull, which is coated with anechoic tiles to absorb the noise. All in all, you want the submarine and/or torpedo in the area to think you're where you're not.

An early Germanic Water Spirit

The Germans-like many other peoples-considered the spirits of water to be feminine. Like the rivers they inhabited, the Nixies were changeable in nature:sometimes charming and peaceful, sitting in the sun to comb their long blonde hair; sometimes fierce and hungry, drowning people for food.

The could assume human form to go to market or dance on the riverside; in this form, they were long-breasted young women about four feet tall, who might pass for completlely human except for the wet hems of their skirts and aprons. Mortal men often fell in love with them, wasting away because of their beauty; sometimes a Nixie could agree to marry a human, makng him vow never to ask her origin. When a Nixie died the river where she lived would run red with her blood.

Nixi, noun, {Greek(?) - nitor: to give birth}

Roman mythological creature; water spirit; goddesses associated with birth; protected women in labor
plural: nixies

Nix"ie (?), n.

See Nix.


© Webster 1913

Nix"ie (?).


Nothing. [Slang]

2. (U. S. Mail Service)

A piece of mail matter which cannot be delivered, either because no post office exists at the place to which is it addressed, or because there is no place of the name mentioned in the designated State, Territory, or the like. [Cant]


© Webster 1913

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