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Highly maneuverable multi-role fighter aircraft designed during the cold war but now used in both NATO and former Warsaw pact countries.

It was designed to be more agile than anything in the US inventory and can handle high g-turns. It can perform the stunning tailslide and cobra maneuveres. Its two Sarkisov RD-33 afterburners create the massive thrust neccessary to perform such acrobatics. One of its coolest features is a helmet-mounted sight allowing the pilot to select targets with a turn of the head.

The design of the MiG-29 began in 1974 (at the Mikoyan-Gurevich Design Bureau)and the first bird thundered off the runway in 1985. When the Berlin Wall was torn down and Germany reunited, MiG-29 became part of the German (and NATO) airforce. Over 800 MiG-29s can now be found in the airforces of twenty countries worldwide.

Its callsign is Fulcrum.

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