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This is an adaption to the boardslide, and the hardest of the basic slides. This is, as the name implies, the opposite to the noseslide and you instead use your tail to slide. This is far harder to balance than a noseslide.

Approach your grind object at a medium-slow speed. Ollie and turn so that your tail is over the object. Put your weight on your tail and you should start sliding. When you want to end the slide simply put weight on your front foot and you should drop off and roll away.

How To Tailslide

This is my technique for tail sliding, I put this in because again, this node does not actually give a detailed account of how to actually do it.

Step 1:The Approach.

Approach the ledge/bench at a 30 to 45 degree angle, this is important because you dont want to be worrying about spinning too much or too little and for most people this is a comfortable angle to approach the object at.

Step 2:The Pop.

In this trick, how you pop the board is of much importance, you need to pop at the same time as spinning, much like a 180. As you pop you should bring your tail up and over the top of the object and aim to land with as much of your tail on the object as possible.

Step 3:The Slide.

When sliding on the object you Must be directly above the board and be balanced, this is all important as you need to have the least amount of pressure on the board as possible as to make it slide easier.

Step 4:The Landing.

To land the tailslide the technique differs depending on which stance you want to land in, if you want to land in fakie, you should jump up at the same time as pushing your back foot forwards as to flick the board off the object aswell. It is the same for if you want to land in regular, but you should push your back foot backwards as to flick the board in the same direction as yourself and then when you are once again in the air, spin your body a little bit and prepare for landing. Now is when the landing gets tricky, when you get to the point when you want to land switch. Now, landing switch looks good, but is very difficult. You should practice landing fakie first for a while. When you have done this and can tail slide confidently, you should do the same as usual but when you have finished sliding, jump off your board at the same time as flicking it behind you so it does a 90 degree shove it, then you twist your body in the air and land on the board in switch, if you do it, celebrate, if not, Try Again.

Good Luck!

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