A cross between telephone and pictionary, this party game requires a large (preferably odd) number of people, again, odd ones are better, (11 seems to be best). Supplies:

  1. Each player writes a phrase or sentence on the first page of their pad. These should not be gibberish, but are not restricted to well-known memes. When complete, each player hands the pad to their right*.
  2. Each player takes the new pad, and reads the sentence on it. Flipping to a new page, they draw an interpretation of the sentence. When complete, hand the pads to the right, with only the new picture visible.
  3. Each player takes the pad, and looks at the picture. Flip to a new page, and write a phrase or sentence that best captures the picture. Pass to the right.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the pad returns to its originator.
  5. In turn, each player reads aloud the sequence of interpretations on their pad.
* Alternatively, you can play to the left. If you play several games, you should mix up the seating arrangements and direction of play.

Note that certain memes are nearly lossless: Nazis, devils, sex Godzilla (sometimes loses to a gecko, people in crowns, elvis. Once these enter a pad, they usually will not leave. YMMV.

This game is also known as eat poop you cat, and may have ancestry in exquisite corpse.

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