A category of word games which involve players trying to communicate a word to other players via clues. Such games include:

The types of clues can vary considerably. In Password, clues are limited to one word at a time. In Pyramid, clues are more free-form; you're only limited to a few basic rules (can't say the word or a part of a compound word or phrase to be clued). The Pyramid bonus round is yet another type of cluing game; this time you're cluing a category using only members of the category. Taboo uses the more free-form clues but with a set of additional words you aren't allowed to use. In Cluesome, the clues are even restricted by the usual rule of not saying part of the word -- but keep in mind that the goal is to allow not too many (but at least one) of the other players to guess the word.

The clues don't have to be words; in charades, the clues are gestures, and in pictionary, drawings.

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