Pronounced i'pupiukat, this is probably a regional silly name for a silly party game. It's a variant on the exquisite corpse family of games, requiring at least several people*, some strips of paper (what works well is writing paper halved the long way and stuck together end to end) and a pen for each person. Here's how it goes.

Each person writes a sentence, such as, say, "The hot soup burned my tongue." The next person illustrates the sentence. Then the first portion is folded over, and the next person must try to reproduce the original sentence from the drawing. Then the drawing is folded over, and another illustration is produced.

The mutations can be hilarious. You don't have to "know how to" draw. You don't have to "know how to" write. Just keep the papers moving, until the space is used up. They must end with a sentence, not an illustration. Then you can compare.

I wish i could show you the pictures (they explain some of the radical changes!), but below are some of the sentence-sequences we had when we last played eatpoopyoucat.

  • The hot coffee burned his tongue.
  • Maggie spilled coffee on her tongue and fell backwards with smoke pouring out of her head.
  • Time whizzed by as she tried to sip her tea and hold her butterfly but, alas, her head was disintegrating into smoke.
  • Little did she realize the butterfly had a timer with a motion-sensing detonator on it; neither she nor her gin and tonic were fazed.
  • "This sculpture is both violent (as exemplified in the ticking bomb) and graceful (as shown by the butterfly), there's a not-so-subtle harmony and blah blah blah ... daahling."
  • A butterfly flits past a demented statue of death and destruction.
Well, that one didn't match at all. How about cats and coffee?
  • Kitty swore the coffee was fresh...
  • the cat loved hot chocolate
  • All lovely kitties adore the smell of coffee in the air, meow!
  • The experimental cat was plugged into the coffeepot, but it seemed just as happy as the not-plugged-in control cat. (you had to see the picture! it made perfect sense! honest.)
  • The doctor inspected the cat sitting next to the cord to the coffee machine, very close to the plug, and presented a diagnosis to the pensive cat.
  • The doctor showed the cat his test results after they took some X-rays on the big scary machine.
  • The doctor's prognosis of the stuffed cat is that it shoudl be placed as someone's moustache.
So, um, the cat survived, at least. Another one that coincidentally started with a cat, didn't quite end up so close.
  • No one knew that purple had become the cat's favorite color.
  • My pussy speaks of grapes, daisies and eggplant to a befuddled congregation.
  • The burnt fruit were given a lot of flowers at its own funeral. (All grammar is [sic], y'know. And - if you'd seen the picture, you could almost understand where the sentence came from. Two words: sugar high.)
  • Dried fruit inthe Fire, fire, oh burn man burn, sure am fruit, dead man, dried, empty, dried fruit of my soul, DEAD FRUIT - what man, dead man, fruit man, like, like, like ME man, dead - like, me man, oh man I am PUSHING UP the DAISIES, No roses for me man, and man ... hold the doughnut, for my soul wants no, no, no, sigh, doughnut....
  • Dead men make the flowers grow and fruit trees too.
  • interposed is a drawing that i'm quite proud of, actually. ha ha! you can't see it.
  • The three skeletons stretched out languidly under the cemetery peach trees. Mmmmm... death.
  • The dead rose from their graves picking apples as the waltzed through the black forest.
If you ever wondered what lurked in the subconcious of your friends, or just under the surface of their conciousness, this is the game. We had all kindsa stuff Freud woulda dug: the scatological, the menstrual, theft, nekkid ladies, fruit, rafts and wounds and volcanos. Lotsa drawings of booze. I dunno why. Mermaids. And of course. Monkeyboys. And pigs in trees!
As you grow in eatpoopyoucat experience and become a (ahem!) mature player, you may recognise that there are certain things that will not go away once introduced. Among these are squirrels, cats, ants, Santa Claus, breasts, and giraffes. Be on the lookout for other hard-to-kill EPYC memes.

*In my opinion and for best results, seven is the minimum; it can be played with fewer but then you are more likely to recognise yours when it comes back around and that's kinda - sad. Seven introduces just about the right amount of distance. Odd is best, too, because then you're alternating picture/text in your contributions to any given piece.

Thanks to the horny e2 portland conflagration, I was infected by this lovely lovely meme.

I then passed it on to my friends in Wisconsin over spring break. One of these friends has (sigh) scanned in the results.
Observe and be frightened:
(Be warned, there is "rude" language.)

My personal favorite?

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Only thing I could never stomach about Santa Carla... All the damn vampires.


Calm down Styles (from Teenwolf); I, Michael J. Fox, will use my powers of lycanthropy to overcome that lame-ass vampire.


Function: Activate eye tazors.


Ow! Your heat-vision hurts me greatly!


Radioactive free-floating eyeballs to radioactive human to steaming dung: The life story of Martin Short.

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