Tired of seeing the same old boring window title every time you open a browser? Sick of seeing your computer manufacturer or Internet Service Provider advertising itself to you the entire time you are online? Do you have a slogan that you would like plastered on your browser any time someone uses it?

Here you go.

Note: As this has to do with a Windows Registry edit, it goes without saying that this is only for Windows users. You who use Apple or Unix or GNU/Linux products are too smart to use Internet Explorer anyway, right?

How to change the window title in Internet Explorer

  • Read this node first. Although this is a very simple, innocuous reg hack, it is imperative that you know how to back up your registry. If you don't know how, or don't care to know how, you do not need to be editing your registry. That said, no one can stop you from running into this blind. Don't screw up. You might also want to do what it says.
  • Then read this one.
  • Open The Registry Editor. You can do this by going to the Start menu, clicking Run, then typing regedit in the box.
  • Go to the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Microsoft>Internet Explorer>Main and look for "Window Title" in the right pane.
    • If there is not anything called "Window Title" you can add one. Right click in the right pane and select "New" and then "String Value." Type Window Title in the box to overwrite New Value #1.
  • Double-click on Window Title and in the "Value Data" field type whatever you want your Internet Explorer window to display after the page title. Most of the time, this says something like "Microsoft Internet Explorer Provided by America Online." Now it can say "Eat Poop You Cat" if you really wanted it to.
  • Close regedit. You can do it properly by exiting through the Registry menu, or you can just click on that X in the upper right hand corner. Notice that it does not ask you if you would like to save the changes before exiting and see why backing up is so very important.
Open Internet Explorer. If you didn't screw up, you will now see in the title bar...

Welcome to Everything - Eat Poop You Cat

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