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Military units usually have a coin on which is imprinted their logo. On the flip side may be a unit motto or other information (such as an issue number). Traditionally, these coins are given (sold) to all members of a unit, and to distinguished visitors. Some units (such as space shuttle missions) will also sell their coins as keepsakes.

These coins have also been called beer coins, after the practice (originally from pilots) of "coining." A person takes their coin and places it loudly on a horizontal, hard surface. Everyone else must now place their coin on a similar hard surface.

If anyone fails to have their coin, they must buy the challenger a drink (and exit the bar before another "coining." If everyone has their coin, then the challenger must buy a round for the group.

Despite being out of the military for a full year, the noder still carries coin #46 from the 609th Information Warfare Squadron everywhere, just in case.

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